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Microprocessor MCCB
  • Microprocessor MCCB
  • Microprocessor MCCB
Salient Features
  • Rated 25A-800A Breaking capacity 25kA/36kA/50kA/65kA.
  • No of Poles 3/4.
  • Overload protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 30% to 100% of In with variable time setting.
  • Short circuit Protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 400% to 1000% of Ir with variable time setting.
  • Ground Fault Protection ADJUSTABLE in the range 10% to 40% of In with variable time setting.
  • Communication Feature available.
  • Suitable for DISCRIMINATION.
  • NO EXTERNAL Power required for the electronic circuit.
  • True RMS sensing for precise and RELIABLE protection.
    • Distribution
    • Buildings
    • Industries
    • Sector
    • BMS (Building Management System)